Our knitwear collection is crafted from sustainably-sourced alpaca in fair trade, family-owned studios in Peru.

This October, we joined many others in celebration of Fair Trade Month. Fair Trade Month invites us each year as brands and individuals to consider how our practices impact people and planet. People, because people are more precious than profit, and planet because business shouldn’t thrive at the expense of sustainability.

AAs you engage in Fair Trade, remember that progress is the goal, not perfection. Every step, no matter how small, brings us closer to a world where people and planet are treated with dignity and respect.

Moments before the natural dyeing of our natural Dye Accessories Collection.


Closing wage gaps are an important part of closing equity gaps. Garment workers, who tend to be women, are often underpaid and underserved by financial institutions. To make greater progress toward equity, we pay two to three times above the local minimum wage and provide predictable hours to honor work-life balance. We also invest in the communities that create our garments through loans and grants that help local women build their own businesses. In 2019, we launched our Women’s Entrepreneurship Grant to help increase access to safe, affordable capital to women-owned businesses in developing nations.


The conventional fashion industry can be devastating to the very communities that produce fashion garments. These communities tend to be made up of people of color in cities and countries already recovering from the environmental effects of industrialization and colonialism. We’re committed to sustainable production practices like low-impact dyeing, organic farming, quality production, and responsible waste methods to lessen pollution and its health impacts on our workers and their communities.


We think it’s only right that you see how we’re measuring success and areas where we still can grow. Through our mid-year & annual Impact Reports, we share who we’re hiring, what we’re paying, and how we strive to make sure working conditions are safe, fair, just, and life-giving.


Because we are still making progress as a brand, we think it’s important to work with organizations that hold us accountable to our intentions. As a Certified B Corporation and member of The Fair Trade Federation, we make sure our entire supply chain, from materials to employee benefits, is vetted to affirm our practices are sustainable and our workers are paid fairly and treated with dignity.

The Asociacion De Mujeres Ranm Ixoqi’, where our Natural Dye Accessories are made, was created to be a place where women could be heard and empowered through work in a community that historically undervalued the voices of women.

How you can engage with Fair Trade all year long:

First, invest in quality over quantity. Disposable fashion not only creates more waste after just a few wears, it also generates more pollution because of chemical processes involved with production. Multiply this over a closetful of clothes each season and the impact can be huge. Instead, invest in a few quality pieces that spark joy and that you’ll reach for year after year.

Second, opt for fair trade products. From clothing to coffee to chocolate, you can fill your wardrobe and pantry with items that have been made with integrity. Look for Fair Trade Certified brands and Certified B Corporations and connect with your favorite brands to learn how their practices align with fair trade values.

Third, support local growers, artisans, and businesses. Supporting local economies gives you a greater connection to the people who grow your food, make your clothes, and craft your goods. You’ll also help sustain your community and the people who enrich it.

Finally, engage in green practices. When you can, support companies that use sustainable materials, engage in carbon neutrality, and utilize reusable or compostable recyclable packaging. As you engage in Fair Trade this month and beyond, remember that progress is the goal, not perfection. Every step, no matter how small, brings us closer to a world where people and planet are treated with dignity and respect.

The Oversized V-Neck Sweater in Ivory. Made in Fair Trade studios in Peru.