As we continue to commit to progress toward racial equality and human rights through many, multi-faceted initiatives, we recognized that it was time to take a hard look at our brand name in an effort to ensure that it reflects our values and meets the expectations of our beautiful and diverse community worldwide.

Over six years ago, the naming of our company, then Tribe Alive, was rooted in our desire to mobilize a global community centered around the preservation of culture through opportunity and dignified employment. Although Tribe stood to represent a sense of shared community for our worldwide brand, we understand that the term has no consistent meaning, and carries misleading historical and identity assumptions blocking accurate views of cultural realities.

In late 2019, we began discussing the possibility of a rebrand, and in January 2021, we announced that we were changing our name. Our company has always strived to honor all people through our business practices, but we recognize that our brand name fell short of that intention, and for that we remain deeply sorry.

Our rebrand has been an exciting, challenging and authentic step forward to better represent our social and environmental commitments, and to honor all that engage in the conscious lifestyle experience we work endlessly to foster.

Sanetra wears the Wynne Dress in Ivory Khadi.

LAUDE (lôd) / Derived from Latin laudere, meaning ‘to honor.’

As a company, we intentionally aim to move the fashion industry toward a more humane approach where the earth and maker are honored at every level. Honor is a word that resonates deeply with our team, and it’s an intention that we strive to represent in all aspects of our work.

We are proud to be LAUDE the Label, a brand committed to representing honor at the highest possible level. LAUDE (lôd) is derived from the Latin word laudere which means ‘to honor.’ We chose this name out of our intention to honor the earth, honor the maker, and honor the community that walks alongside us in this mission.

We want you to know how much your support has meant to us over the years, and to assure you that though our outward facing name will be different, our inward commitment of delivering ethical, sustainable and luxurious fashion that honors the earth and the maker will continue on.