Santalum Glass Candle

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LAUDE the Label candles are here. Meticulously scented & preciously hand-poured to bring the best scents of the world around us into our homes. Each candle is made using a special blend of coconut & soy wax for the longest, most even burn. Using only essential oils, these candles will fill your space with complex and beautiful aromas. You'll love our wood wicks which have a subtle crackling sound that captures the nostalgia of nights spent around a fire.

Our Santalum scent is a sweet, sultry fragrance of sandalwood & orris whose oils are known for their aromatherapeutic abilities to calm & focus the mind and restore the body. This scent takes you to a far off place and draws you in with its cozy, sensual warmth.

Top note - cardamon
Middle note - orris root
Base note - sandalwood

Hand-poured in California
Coconut & soy wax blend
Essential oils
60-hour burn time
Glass vessel
3.5" h x 3.25" w

The first time you light your candle, allow the wax pool to melt to the edge of the jar because wax has a memory. This will help keep your candle from tunneling in the future. Trim the wood wick before the first burn and each subsequent burn.

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