LAUDE the Label partners with global artisans to create heirloom quality wardrobe essentials and accessories. With the most sustainable materials and practices at the forefront, our mission is to reduce environmental implications and protect the livelihoods of people in developing economies.
We offer a slower, more conscious, small batch approach to alleviate the impact the conventional fashion industry has on climate change and cycles of poverty.
This model is moving the industry toward a more humane approach, where Earth + Maker are valued equally to the customer.


01 Environmental Consciousness

02 Women-Centered Impact

03 Fair Wages

04 Safe + Meaningful Work Environments

05 Heirloom Quality



LAUDE the Label was founded in 2014 by Carly Burson, driven by a desire to utilize her years of experience in the fashion industry as a platform to meaningfully employ and empower women worldwide. Her mission to contribute to the preservation of families through living wages, educational training, safe work environments, and access to the global marketplace for more makers, has helped set the stage for larger conversations around sustainability and ethical practices within the industry.