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With eco-friendly shipping you are planting one tree to responsibly balance your shipping emissions, making your package carbon neutral.

Did you know that deforestation for agricultural expansion causes 15-18% of global greenhouse gas emissions? Global climate change is one of our world's biggest threats, and we are committed to doing our part to take action. That's why we are partnering with Grow Ahead, an organization standing behind agroforestry projects run by small-scale farmer organizations to help combat climate change and support communities.

Agroforestry is the intentional planting of trees, cash crops, and food in a food-forest system, allowing farmers to restore water and nutrients to their soil, increase production of food, and pull carbon out of the atmosphere. It's a solution that benefits the earth + the farmers.

Planting one tree:

  • Sequesters 40 pounds of carbon per year
  • Provides important habitat for flora and fauna
  • Retains water and restores nutrients to the soil
  • Generates income for farmers
  • Supports local community food security


It takes $1 to fund the seedling, planting and monitoring of one fully grown tree, which includes:

  • The cost of the tree nursery installation
  • Technical Assistance needed to run the reforestation project
  • Transportation of the seedlings from nurseries to reforestation areas
  • Monitoring and evaluation of new plantings, including the creation of community associations for conservation
  • Community educational programs focusing on the benefits and importance of reforestation for the environment and farmer


By contributing $1.00 with our ‘Eco-Friendly Shipping’ program, you become part of a thoughtful community tackling climate change and growing vibrant food forests around the globe. Thank you!

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