The Indwell Guide

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The Indwell Guide is an incredibly beautiful and life-enriching 8-step guide to reclaiming your mental health using visual storytelling, education, and practical tools you can use. Co-created by a psychotherapist, life coach, and visual artist, this 344-page 8-step guide includes mental health education that helps you understand your mind, body, and emotions, journal prompts to increase self-awareness, guided exercises to improve your mental health, action plans, and beautiful visuals to guide you to inner wellness.

Though designed to be a workbook, this linen-wrapped book looks beautiful on coffee tables and shelves and allows for the sparking of meaningful conversations surrounding mental health.

Product Details
-Printed in Canada on FSC certified recycled paper
-Hardcover wrapped in sustainable linen
-344 pages
-Created by Psychotherapist: Hatty J. Lee, LMFT, Life Coach: ReeJae Chi, MCLC, and Visual Artist: Esther Lee (@eslee)

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